sean-little-290x290Sean Little has been a high school basketball coach for the past four years where he emphasized strength and conditioning. He is also three time league champion and looking for his fourth this upcoming season. Sean loves sports and has spent his entire life playing them. Whether it was football, basketball, soccer , volleyball, tennis, or even golf he was always playing sports. However, when his wife got pregnant and they welcomed their new baby boy, Caden into the world, Sean did not make his health a priority and quickly gained 50 pounds. Then Sean found Fit Club in Ladera Ranch. Since he joined FitClub, he has lost that 50 pounds and has become more physically fit than ever. Sean said that joining Fit Club has, completely changed his life and in more ways than one. Not only has Sean achieved the results he was looking for but he has changed his career path towards one in the fitness industry. Sean is now a certified trainer through the American Council on Exercise and wants to help people achieve their fitness goals, whatever they may be. He is currently a junior at California State University of Fullerton, where he has changed his major from history to Kinesiology, with an emphasis on teaching!