Each of our unique, 45 minute classes includes high intensity, functional movements to strengthen specific muscle groups. View class descriptions and pricing below.

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FIT Legs

FIT Legs is all about building a strong foundation for our bodies. Our legs are the pillars of our body, and this class is designed to make them stronger.

STEEL Saturday

Trainers knows best, STEEL Saturday is a wrap-it up workout at the end of the week.

FIT Power

A full body compound workout focused solely on muscle strengthening and stamina. Unleash your inner super hero with FIT Power!

FIT Boxing

This fast-paced, fun and interactive workout is your outlet to escape the everyday ‘to-do-list’. FIT Boxing incorporates cardio, strength, and endurance training. Be sure to bring your own gloves and wrist wraps. Beginners welcome!

FIT Flex

Let’s give you a reason to flex those muscles! FIT Flex is a total upper body class: biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders and back. This is a “sun’s out, guns out” kind of workout!

FIT Active

FIT Active is a full body, plyo, conditioning, balance and core workout. It is about moving your body in different planes of motion and learning different athletic based techniques.

Class Pricing

1 Month Unlimited


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  • Testimonial

    Instead of being squishy I can actually see muscle tone!

    Diana Ying,

    I've been coming to Fitclub for almost a year now. My personal goal was never to lose weight as I'm on the skinny side already. But after sitting on my butt for a year not exercising at all and getting squisher by the day, I finally signed up because they had a very good deal for personal training session. I did my PT with Riana and she's really good. She knows how to really push you but never more than you can handle. That's really the case with all their classes, which is what I now take. All the trainers are really great and the classes offer a great workout without being boring. The ones I usually take are with Monique or Sean.There are different classes everyday of the week. I go almost 4-5 a week and it's always different, from cardio, to bootcamp to weights to boxing. That's the most important part of working out, trying not to get into a routine and becoming bored, and with Fitclub that won't happen. My results after a year of coming? I see a little more definition and my endurance is much better. Instead of being squishy I can actually see muscle tone! Which is exactly what I wanted. I'm still working out and am trying to get stronger every day.

  • Testimonial

    It is HARD work, but so worth it!

    Lisa Bir,

    I was 36 and homeschooling 4 kids. I was also severely overweight. I had every excuse in the book about being too busy to get healthy. I had tried and failed at the big box gyms several times, even with a trainer. A friend recommended me to FIT CLUB and I decided to give it a shot. The first few times working out with Ian were overwhelming. I had never worked so hard in my life! Soon I started to see results though, and that made me even more motivated. Ian helped me change my lifestyle. Ian and Riana are so supportive, giving me food ideas and helping to change my lifestyle. They are so funny that it makes the time fly by. I am not saying it’s easy; it is HARD work, but so worth it. I have lost over 70lbs in 14 months and gone from a size 18 to a size 6.

  • Testimonial

    What I like best is the individual attention.

    Tonya Dzurilla,

    I experienced FIT CLUB for the first time when they did a community event for Lululemon and was very impressed. FIT CLUB's High Intensity Training is awesome. The classes are a mix of free weights, kettle bells, suspension, and various other exercises on the floor. I've never gotten as sore when working out on my own as I did with Ian; I was sore for 2-3 days after class in places I never even knew existed! I could also feel and see "immediate" results such as more muscle tone in my thighs and arms after the workout. I walked out literally wet and drenched in sweat--which is fantastic.  What I like best is the individual attention. The staff seems to really care and it's like you're getting personal training, but the small group setting definitely adds extra motivation. If you're looking to make changes in your appearance and become healthier and fit--this is the spot.

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