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We Live FIT

Whether you want to see results by losing weight, building muscle, developing tone or simply getting healthy - we are here to help you crush your fitness goals. We offer small group classes and private workouts to fit your pace and schedule. Plus, you’ll find an incredible community of teammates who share your mission to get FIT.

FITness Results

Many of our clients transform their bodies in 2-3 short months. This could be you! We invite you to try a beginning to advanced class and/or private training, designed to help you get the body you want. Our trainers have worked with celebrities and pro athletes, and have traveled the world helping people reach their goals.

Get In, Get FIT

We are NOT your overly crowded national gym. We ARE an exclusive studio for clients that love efficient workouts with quality trainers who tailor plans just for you. Forget the cookie cutter or slow, self-paced workouts; we push you further physically and mentally than you thought you could go. Our small group classes never exceed 10 and are taught by experienced fitness experts.
  • Testimonial
    Diana Ying,

    I've been coming to Fitclub for almost a year now. My personal goal was never to lose weight as I'm on the skinny side already. But after sitting on my butt for a year not exercising at all and getting squisher by the day, I finally signed up because they had a very good deal for personal training session. I did my PT with Riana and she's really good. She knows how to really push you but never more than you can handle. That's really the case with all their classes, which is what I now take. All the trainers are really great and the classes offer a great workout without being boring. The ones I usually take are with Monique or Sean.There are different classes everyday of the week. I go almost 4-5 a week and it's always different, from cardio, to bootcamp to weights to boxing. That's the most important part of working out, trying not to get into a routine and becoming bored, and with Fitclub that won't happen. My results after a year of coming? I see a little more definition and my endurance is much better. Instead of being squishy I can actually see muscle tone! Which is exactly what I wanted. I'm still working out and am trying to get stronger every day.

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