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Small group classes. TRX. Kettlebells. Yoga. FIT Boxing. Private Training.
Whether you want to see results by losing weight, building muscle, get tone, get healthy or all of the above- this is the place to help you achieve your fitness goals. We have 1:1 workouts & classes to fit your pace and your schedule. This is NOT your overly crowded national gym. We ARE an exclusive gym for clients that love efficient workouts and quality trainers with plans that are designed for you. Not a cookie cutter 1:1 workout nor is it the slow self pace- you know the kind where we tend to let ourselves off the hook. Instead, we push you further physically and mentally than you thought you could go. Classes and 1:1 training are only 45 minutes sessions. We support you in reaching your fitness goals. Most all of our clients transform their bodies in just 2-3 short months. You are invited to beginner to advanced classes and/or 1:1 training designed to help you get the body you want. Our trainers stand above the industry normal with their higher education and experience, including celebrity training to pro athletes. We train all shapes and sizes…professionals with busy schedules, stay at home moms, athletes, students – these clients are all part of our Fit Club Community and have transformed their body. If you are ready to get fit and step into the body you love, please call us today and set up a time to learn more about how we can help you achieve your fitness goals. P.S. Since we live in Southern California, it is always the perfect weather & season to get in shape and healthy. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
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July 30, 2015 Live Life FIT: Operation Ground Zero

We've been in the FITness industry professionally for over 10 years, helped hundreds of people to become more FIT and have heard all your questions. There is one question that each one of us asks, “Where do I start?” This is what we call Operation Ground Zero. Most of us have the best intentions but the wrong first move. We have all fallen victim to the first move failure by throwing out ...

October 16, 2014 Fit Mommy Class

Gain Healthier Habits With FIT Mommy! Adding a fitness routine to your lifestyle as a mother-to-be is one of the best ways to positively impact your pregnancy! We've united with online pregnancy ...

May 19, 2014 Powerful Posture

  Negative Effects of Poor Posture Overview Posture is an important part of preventing problems ranging from back pain to fatigue. When the back is straight, the spine is supported an...